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About JAKADPUBLISHER.ORG is an inseparable work that must be done by academics, ranging from lecturer, researcher and college. is the credible institution born to help scientists on publishing books and Journals. We are pleasure to provide your research article published within; The Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, The Asian Journal of Criminal Law Enforcement, The Asian Journal Economics and Management, Journal of Proceeding, Journal of Judiciary, and Journal of Socio-Comunica. will help you to publish and introduce your writing, Books or Journals, to gain promotion of your degree and your academic career. Special for scholars, lecturers, and researchers publishing your writing is a must as one of the requirements imposed by the Indonesian Ministries of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (DIKTI). Whereas, for each college of Bachelor, Postgraduate and Doctoral program publishing Journal had become the requirement term to be graduated.

For some people scientific publication are common. Whereas, for others has become a serious problem. Thus, within our professionals, we will provide you with the best service and guarantee your academic writing into international level.

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